Friday, April 22, 2011

Section :-1 "Life And Its Origin" Chapter # 1 Introduction To Biology:-

Q :1 What is Biology write its branches?
Ans: Biology:
                     These all living things are studied under the head of scientific discipline called "Biology". The word biology is composed of two Greek words. "Bios" Meaning life and "Logos" meaning the is a branch of natural science that deals with organisms and different phenomena of life.

Main Branches Of Biology:-
1) Botany:-
               It deals with the "Scientific study of plants".
2) Zoology 
                It deals with the "Scientific Study of Animals"

Other Branches Of Biology:-
1) Morphology:-
                           This branch deals with the study of external structural characteristics of plants.

2) Anatomy:-
                    It deals with the internet structure  organs of an organisms in plants it deals with the arrangement of different types of tissues in root,stem,leaf,etc

3) Histology:- It deals with the study of tissues of plants and animals under a microscope.

4) Cytology Or Cell Biology:-
                                                The Study of structure,function and composition of cell and cell organelles is called "cytology" or "cell biology"

5) Physiology:-
                       It is the study of functions of different parts of living organisms.

6) Ecology:-
                  It is the study of relationship of living organisms which each other and with the non-living environmental.It is also called environmental biology.

7) Embrylogy:-
                     It is the study of progressive developmental changes with occurs after zygote formation up to an organism is formed.

8) Taxanomy:-
                      It deals with the description,identification,classification and scientific naming of living organisms according to their similarities and disimilarities.

9 ) Genetics :- 
                  it deals with the study of inheritance including transmission of heriditary character from parents to their off springs.

10) Palaeontology:-
                              It is the study of animals and plants that lived in remote past and are now found as fossils in the rocks .it can be further divided into two branches i-e :-"palaeontology" study of plants fossils,"palaeontology" study of animals fossils.

11) Biochemistry:- 
                         It deals with the chemistry and chemical aspects of the living systems.

12) Microbiology :- 
                           it deals with the study of microscope organisms such as :- viruses,bacteria etc.

13) Bio Technology:-
                             It is the manipulation of living things for the welfare of includes method of genetic engineering simply it includes all techniques which can apply on biology.


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